BULL WALLET takes you to experience a different Polygon

BULL WALLET is the world’s leading digital asset storage and management platform. It integrates multi-chain wallets, market trading, DAPP aggregation, DEFI mining, NFT ecology and other functions. It also supports multiple public chains such as ETH and BSCHECO, with more than 100,000 types With encrypted assets, anyone can achieve a one-stop decentralized financial experience through BULL WALL.ET! Users can independently control assets through BULL WAL L ET, let value flow freely, and master data sovereignty! BullWallet adopts AES/ECB/PKCS5PADDING, A variety of encryption algorithms such as HMACSHA1, SHA256, security isolation, data encryption, multi-signature, independent private key privacy, all-round risk control system, multi-dimensional protection of asset security, making asset allocation more secure.

BullWallet now supports Polygon (Matic) ecology. BullWallet, as Polygon’s official strategic partnership wallet, will become the world’s first self-developed wallet that supports cross-chain deposit and withdrawal. The two parties will jointly discuss the globalization process of blockchain digital wallets. Open BullWallet and start your wonderful journey of Layer2!

What is Polygon?
Polygon was originally named Matic Network. Polygon’s vision is to build the blockchain Internet of Ethereum. It provides a common framework that allows developers to use Ethereum’s security to create customized, application-focused chains, and provide an interoperable The network links various expansion solutions together, and plans to become the first Layer 2 solution aggregator on the Ethereum chain to build a modular, universal and flexible expansion framework for Ethereum. Polygon aims to empower all existing Ethereum expansion plans, starting from the inside, and continuing to explore the expansion of Ethereum.

How to create a BULL WALLET wallet

  1. The new user opens the BullWallet wallet and clicks [Create Wallet] to back up the mnemonic phrase [Select Main Chain] to confirm (here we take ETH as an example);
    Note: Please keep your mnemonic words properly, do not take photos and screenshots. BullWallet will not save your mnemonic words on the server. Once the mnemonic words are lost, BullWallet cannot help you find your wallet.

2. After confirming by clicking [Verify Mnemonic Phrase], the wallet is created successfully;

How to create Polygon (Matic) in BullWallet
1. Open BullWallet, click [My]-[Manage Wallet] in the lower right corner, enter the Manage Wallet page, click [+] in the upper right corner, and select [Create Wallet];

2. Select the wallet type, click [MATIC], then enter the backup mnemonic, and click [Backup Confirmed];

3. Finally, verify the mnemonic words in order and click [Confirm]. At this point, the Polygon (Matic) wallet is successfully created.

Thanks for watching and downloading BullWallet
1. Download link: https://bullcoin.finance/download
2. Users can search BullWallet directly through Google play and APP Store to download

(PS) This tutorial is only an operation guide for DApp on the wallet side, and does not represent BullWallet’s investment advice. Investment involves risks. You must fully understand the risks and make investment decisions on your own.

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