BULL WALLET will get a major development on the NFT track!

In essence, NFT is much larger than the digital artwork that we are currently exposed to. From a larger perspective, in fact, everything can be NFT! Bull Wallet is the first integrated NFT wallet product in the industry that is deeply involved in all aspects of NFT production + transaction + storage, so this article will explain and explain the global development trend of NFT and the future strategic layout of decentralized wallet products. analyze.


In March of this year, an NFT digital artwork “Every Day: First 5000 Days” by Christie’s online auction artist Beeple was sold at a high price of about 450 million yuan, breaking the highest transaction price for digital art auctions. And the pan-financial field caused heated discussion.
NFT encryption art, which combines art and technology, is a kind of digital art. The difference from ordinary digital art is that it adds NFT technology in the transaction and circulation links. From the perspective of art history, digital art, as a new art that is currently most closely integrated with technology, has been in the process of dynamic construction.
The emergence of NFT has realized the assetization of virtual goods. NFT can map virtual items and become a trading entity of virtual items, thus making virtual items into assets. Arbitrary data content can be mapped on the chain through links, making NFT an asset “entity” of data content, thereby realizing the value flow of data content. By mapping digital assets, since then equipment, decoration, and land property rights have all tradable entities.
The existence of NFT has changed the traditional virtual commodity trading model. User creators can directly produce virtual commodities and trade virtual commodities, just like production in the real world. NFT can be separated from the game platform, and users can freely trade related NFT assets.
NFT can become the materialization of meta-universe rights, just like a physical key. The program can confirm the user’s authority by identifying the NFT, and the NFT can also become a token for the confirmation of the information world. This will realize the decentralized transfer of rights in the virtual world, and transactions of virtual property rights can be carried out without the need for a third-party registration agency. The solution provided by NFT is essentially to provide a digital “key”, which can be easily transferred and exercised, and a series of corresponding permissions can exist outside the centralized service or centralized database, which greatly enhances data assets The efficiency of transaction and circulation, and the circulation process does not require the participation of a third party.
Thirty years ago, science fiction novelist Neil Stephenson first proposed the concept of “meta universe” in his novel “Snow Crash.” Live in a virtual three-dimensional space. In this virtual world, everything in the real world will be digitally copied, and people can complete all real life things in the virtual world, such as eating, exercising, socializing with friends, etc. In addition. , People can also try “ambitions” that are difficult to achieve in the real world, such as teleportation.


2021 is called the first year of the meta universe. The explosion of the meta universe is by no means accidental. It is the result of qualitative changes in various technologies, including AR, VR, edge computing, and blockchain technology.
In BULL WALLET, as long as you have skills, such as writing, drawing, arranging flowers, making magic, and singing… You can also consider integrating your skills into NFT by granting rights, and on BULL WALLET Sell ​​NFTs and give them corresponding rights and interests to allow people who need this right to invest. As long as your rights and interests are demanded and your abilities are recognized by others, the NFT you cast through BULL WALLET will be circulated, and a certain amount will be generated. The value of will ultimately belong to you.
In addition, NFT has a great use case for games and metaverse. Entertainment is almost everyone’s need. If a game really wants to be world-class, NFT can be regarded as a module of the game. What blockchain really empowers the game industry is its great entrance traffic and global payment channels. , Not just smart contracts. NFT can perfectly fit the properties of the props in the game, and can also map the ownership of the items in the metaverse. In the long-term planning of the NFT track of BULL WALLET, more game manufacturers will be combined to create the entrance to the metaverse. NFT will have a wider range of applications. . Different from the era of NFT1.0, which is highly concentrated in the field of art, in the near future, NFT2.0 will fully penetrate financial assets, data, digital identity and other fields, and the value of NFT rights conferred by BULL WALLET may be opened. A new chapter in the era of NFT2.0!
The emergence of NFT is opening an unprecedented digital door for us, and it will serve as a great bridge linking the traditional real world with the digital world. Obviously, BULL WALLET, which is devoted to the layout of the NFT ecological entrance, will ride the wind and enter a higher strategic dimension!

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