BullWallet August Progress Report

Ryan Brown
4 min readSep 4, 2021


Since BullWallet went live in June, it has developed very rapidly. Although we are a young project, we have received unanimous praise from users for its integrated multi-chain design and immersive product experience. BullWallet has achieved great success from 0 to 1. Many amazing achievements, at the same time, more and more project partners choose to cooperate with BullWallet, which has achieved great success. Let us review the stories of BullWallet in the past month.

product development

  • BullWallet mobile version update:

Android 1.2.0 →Android 1.2.1→Android 1.2.2→Android 1.3.1

iOS V1.12 → iOS V1.13→ iOS V1.14→ iOS V1.15

BullWallet has updated 4 versions in just one month. The BullWallet technical development team has been working hard to support the ever-increasing development of users, constantly iterating updates, adding new features, and bringing users a smooth experience at the tip of the hand. The mobile experience of integration and switching freely greatly improves the user experience.

  • Web-side update

The BullFinance official website has been optimized and updated, and a new market interface has been added. Users can directly visit the official website to browse the day’s cryptocurrency market increase and understand the hot market trends.

  • New public chain

BullWallet added 4 new public chains this month: OKExChain, Hoo Smart Chain, FIL, and TRON.

  • NFT development

The NFT market is booming, with a total market value of 27.9 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 10% of the global art market sales. BullWallet keeps up with market hotspots, continuously improves its own products, and meets the individual needs of users. In early August, it started to develop the NFT sector to support NFT transactions, transfers, storage and other functions will be tested and launched in the next few months.

Cooperation partner

We have reached a good cooperative relationship with many media organizations and project teams,
Nearly a hundred DApps and tokens have been launched, including the popular UniSwap, PancakeSwap, CherrySwap, Axie, Binapet, Bzzone, BabySwap, MythNft, OpenSea, BakeSwap, Newdex, BscProject, HSC, etc. on the market

Marketing and airdrop activities

BullWallet & KSwap airdrop event, August 1-August 6, the prize pool is as high as 30OKT


BullWallet guess Activities: How many public chains BullWallet will have in 2021, the deadline for the campaign: December 31, 2021, the prize is $500


CoinTelegraph crypto media platform publishes article 《Why Bull Wallet is becoming increasingly popular》


BullWallet comment polite airdrop activities, prize pool up to $ 1000BNB


Social voting activities: What do you like the most about BULL?


BullFinance AMA community event, guest: Dylan (BullFinance CEO), prize pool up to $500CHE


BullFinance & $OKT airdrop event, the prize pool is 10 OKT


BullWallet recruits 98 volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers who pass the review will enjoy multiple benefits https://twitter.com/bullcoinfinance/status/1426084821759975424

【Cross the city, hear your voice & BullWallet online “City Tour”】 The first stop in the United States, the prize pool is up to 500.000.000 APENFT


BullWallet & $RACA airdrop event, the prize pool is up to $1000RACA


BullFinance & LendHub AMA community activity, guest: Jason (LendHub core developer), prize pool is $300LHB


BullWallet & HooSmartChain AMA community activities to discuss opinions on the current NFT market and give away $500 BULL rewards


Since the launch of BullWallet, it has been actively carrying out activities, interacting with our users, bringing attractive activities and generous bonuses to our community, increasing participation enthusiasm, and joining us to obtain additional income. Of course, this is thanks to our excellent community, partners, investors and all members of the BullWallet team.

Data growth

With the global promotion of BullWallet, more and more people know and join us. BullWallet is happy to announce that in this month, the number of Twitter followers has increased by 12K, and the Telegram community has created France, Iran, India, Arabia, Many community groups such as Africa are actively carrying out activities, and more regional community groups will be created in the future. At the same time, BullWallet’s downloads exceeded 60K, and our users spread across 114 countries and regions.

About BullWallet

BullWallet is a world-leading digital asset storage and management platform that integrates multi-chain wallets, market data, DApp aggregation, DeFi mining, NFT ecology and other functions. At the same time, it supports 13 kinds of public chains such as BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, OKEX, TRON, and more than 380,000 kinds of encrypted assets. Anyone can realize a one-stop decentralized financial experience through BULL WALLET!