BullWallet August Progress Report

product development

  • BullWallet mobile version update:
  • Web-side update
  • New public chain
  • NFT development

Cooperation partner

We have reached a good cooperative relationship with many media organizations and project teams,
Nearly a hundred DApps and tokens have been launched, including the popular UniSwap, PancakeSwap, CherrySwap, Axie, Binapet, Bzzone, BabySwap, MythNft, OpenSea, BakeSwap, Newdex, BscProject, HSC, etc. on the market

Marketing and airdrop activities

BullWallet & KSwap airdrop event, August 1-August 6, the prize pool is as high as 30OKT

Data growth

With the global promotion of BullWallet, more and more people know and join us. BullWallet is happy to announce that in this month, the number of Twitter followers has increased by 12K, and the Telegram community has created France, Iran, India, Arabia, Many community groups such as Africa are actively carrying out activities, and more regional community groups will be created in the future. At the same time, BullWallet’s downloads exceeded 60K, and our users spread across 114 countries and regions.

About BullWallet

BullWallet is a world-leading digital asset storage and management platform that integrates multi-chain wallets, market data, DApp aggregation, DeFi mining, NFT ecology and other functions. At the same time, it supports 13 kinds of public chains such as BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, OKEX, TRON, and more than 380,000 kinds of encrypted assets. Anyone can realize a one-stop decentralized financial experience through BULL WALLET!



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