BullWallet Global Volunteer Recruitment Phase 2

Basic conditions

1. Encryption investment enthusiasts, and understand the basics of blockchain;
2. Recognize and love BullWallet and use BullWallet for a long time;
3. Willing to share BullWallet with others through various social platforms;
4. Want to harvest an encryption business for long-term development.

What you need to do

Any action that helps promote Bull Wallet can be discussed and executed. If you need any support, you can contact me. At the same time, rewards will be given to volunteers who have made major breakthroughs.

What can you get

1. Priority to participate in BullWallet’s follow-up activities;
2. Airdrop token rewards
3. Have the opportunity to get the official limited-edition gifts of BullWallet
4. Irregular discounts
5, NFT collectibles
6. Get support from official resources, communicate with the team one-on-one, and enjoy multiple rights and benefits such as the right to make proposals;
7. Qualified volunteers will have fixed incentives every month;
8. For outstanding and outstanding volunteers, have the opportunity to become a partner in the BullWallet community and join our team and become our colleagues.

Audit system

1. On the 15th of each month, we will open the recruitment of a new batch of volunteers, and at the same time assess the work of the previous period of volunteers, and implement a elimination system for those who do not meet the requirements and who are unqualified. They will no longer enjoy the rights and interests of volunteers. ;

About BullWallet

BullWallet is a world-leading digital asset storage and management platform that integrates multi-chain wallets, market data, DApp aggregation, DeFi mining, NFT ecology and other functions. At the same time, it supports 13 kinds of public chains such as BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, OKEX, TRON, and more than 380,000 kinds of encrypted assets. Anyone can realize a one-stop decentralized financial experience through BULL WALLET!



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