BullWallet: The new version is online (9.29/2021), opening a new chapter in Bull Market

【Version update details】
The latest version of Android: V1.4.0
The latest version of iOS: V1.18

【Main update content】
Mobile update content:
1. It is recommended to add a self-selected currency;
2. The K-line sub-picture of the market can be cancelled;
3. Add cryptocurrency comparison;
4. Add a cryptocurrency converter;
5. Add cryptocurrency market analysis;
6. Add a cryptocurrency trading market;
7. Support Solana ecological chain transfer transactions.

Update content on the web:
1. Add Twitter card, Facebook sharing function;
2. Add market classification and group filter conditions;
3. Header and mobile terminal multi-language selection UI style changes;
4. Click the exchange list on the Token details page to quickly go to the exchange;
5. Click the Token contract address on the Token details page to quickly go to the block explorer;
6. Add contract search function;
7. Optimize the interface display of large-screen mobile devices such as iPad;
8. Optimize the UI problem of the Token supply progress bar;
9. For currencies with a lower unit price, the trend line scale value is converted from scientific counting to a more readable decimal.

【Version update method】
Android users: Update it in the APP or download and install it on the official website https://bullcoin.finance/ .
iOS users: Download through the overseas App Store, and the Mainland China ID needs to be downloaded or updated with Testflight.
BullWallet download address: https://bullcoin.finance/download


BULL WALLET is a decentralized multi-chain wallet developed by the BULL FINANCE team. It enables one identity to easily manage multiple wallet assets and access DApps of different chain types. Currently, 14 public chains including BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, etc. have been supported, and more mainstream assets are planned to be supported in the future.

BULL WALLET adopts more advanced multiple encryption technology, and cold signature makes the wallet more secure. Make asset storage and transactions safe and convenient through more perfect security. This is also an important infrastructure for large-scale decentralized finance in the future. At present, BULL WALLET has provided Andorid and IOS versions.

Please make sure that all wallet mnemonics have been properly backed up before upgrading
Do not divulge the private key and mnemonic to anyone
Follow us: https://bullcoin.finance/




An analyst who recommends high-quality digital assets

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Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

An analyst who recommends high-quality digital assets

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